New Member Application


New Member Application

Certified Professional Program
Builder, Remodeler, Builder/Remodeler

Mississippi Housing Institute – Revised 1/1/2020


1. Must be licensed and in good standing by the Mississippi State Board of Contractors
2. Must be a member of the local, state and national Home Builders Association
3. Must maintain primary occupation in residential building, remodeling or commercial building and/or remodeling
4. Must have built at least ten (10) homes or completed five (5) residential remodeling jobs with a value of $20,000 or more
5. Must provide three (3) letters of reference with application: one (1) home buyer, one (1) supplier, and one (1) banker.
6. Applicants that have had foreclosures in the last four (4) years or bankruptcies in the last seven (7) years (whether it be personal, business or partnership) are not eligible for participating in the program

All Certified Professional Builders/Remodelers are required to adhere to the following:

1. Must apply for recertification annually
2. Must maintain licensure with the Mississippi State Board of Contractors or be an employee or partner of licensed builder/remodeler.
3. Must maintain membership with the local, state and national Home Builders Association
4. Must attend four (4) hours of continuing education annually
5. Must maintain appropriate insurance coverage including builders risk, general liability and workers’ compensation
6. Must distribute the Homeowners Handbook and adhere to its standards of customer satisfaction and the integrity of the program (applicable to CPB)
7. Must adhere to the Code of Ethics adopted by the Mississippi Housing Institute

Application for Certified Professional Program