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Find a Certified Professional

Let The Mississippi Housing Institute (MHI) help you search with confidence for the builder or remodeler for your next project .  To become and maintain certification by (MHI) builders must maintain licensure with the Mississippi Board of Contractors and must adhere to strict criteria​ established by MHI including:

  • Must maintain their primary occupation in residential building, remodeling or commercial building and/or remodeling.
  • Must have built at least ten (10) homes or completed five (5) residential remodeling projects with a value of $20,000 or more.
  • Must provide three (3) letters of reference with application: one (1) home buyer, one (1) supplier, and one (1) banker.
  • Applicants that have had foreclosures in the last four (4) years or bankruptcies in the last seven (7) years (whether it be personal, business or partnership) are not eligible for MHI certification.

Use the form on this page to search for a certified builder or remodeler by city, zip code, business name or the name of the builder or remodeler.