Why Become Certified?

There are many benefits to becoming a Certified Professional Builder or Remodeler:

Marketing and Promotions

This website is a prime example. We have a marketing campaign designed to increase consumer awareness of our certification program and process. The campaign brings consumers interested in building and or remodeling to this website where they can then learn more about individual builders and remodelers and even select those that wish to interview for their projects.

Homeowners Handbook

Certified Professionals have exclusive access to this consumer agreement for repair and warranty responsibilities. This consumer agreement is created to make consumers more confident comfortable selecting a Certified Professional instead of someone not certified.

Certified Professional Pin

Program participants receive a lapel pin for recognition of their Certified Professional designation.  The pin is an easy way for a builder or remodeler to separate themselves from a non-certified resource during an interview.

Yard Signs

Certified Professionals receive two yards signs to be used for promotional purposes during construction and or remodeling to signify the Certified Professional Designation and indicate where consumers can gather more information.

Continuing Education

Through various partnerships, MHI provides convenient access for Professionals to update their  certifications and improve their credentials.  Future partnerships with various organizations aim to provide an even greater variety of education opportuities.