Custom Labeled BBQ Sauce

We have a great marketing opportunity for all of our CPB/CPR’s and other vendors in the building business. We are going to do a barbeque sauce which will have MHI and your logo on the bottle.(minimum quantity 100 bottles at $550 each).  This is a great opportunity for gift giving to your customers, subs, vendors, and employees.   Jeff with Houseworks has been doing this marketing product for over 20 years and has been very successful.  This sauce is world-renowned and is used all over the country.  In fact, Nick Saban uses this sauce with his label for his charity.  The sauce is Mississippi-made.  It’s awesome!   We have made this very simple for you. All you need to do is send your pdf logo to and we will handle it from there ( Shipping included)

Price Breakdown:

100 Bottles: $550
250 Bottles: $1313
500 Bottles: $ 2500
1000 Bottles: $4500